Points Of Interest Tolmezzo

Castle Colloredo di Monte Albano Castle Colloredo di Monte Albano

Colloredo di Monte Albano - 28.34 km from Tolmezzo
The history of this castle began in 1302 when the Viscount of Mels was allowed to build a new castle in his fief by the Aquileia patriarch. Inside is...

Castle of Cassacco Castle of Cassacco

Cassacco - 29.25 km from Tolmezzo
  The earliest mention of the castle dates to the 13th century. It belonged to several feudal families among which Montegnacco and Savorgnan. The...

Castle of Arcano Castle of Arcano

Rive D arcano - 29.37 km from Tolmezzo
Mentioned since in 1064, this castle belonged to the lords of Arcano; it still boasts the medieval structure with imposing central keep, walls double...

Castle of Tricesimo Castle of Tricesimo

Tricesimo - 30.88 km from Tolmezzo
  Mentioned in documents since 1219, destroyed and rebuilt in the following century, the complex was modified through the centuries but it still...

Castle of Spilimbergo Castle of Spilimbergo

Spilimbergo - 33.87 km from Tolmezzo
  Built in the 11th century by the German Spengenberg family, the castle had an intense and tormented life. Its splendid façade was probably...



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