Points Of Interest Duino Aurisina

Carsiana – Botanic Garden Carsiana – Botanic Garden

Sgonico - 5.39 km from Duino Aurisina
Created in 1964, it shows the main Carso environments: a doline, marshland, scrubs and undergrowth, and the flora of rocks and screes....

Miramare Castle Miramare Castle

Trieste - 6.02 km from Duino Aurisina
The stop at Miramare, both the park and the fairy-tale castle where Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, the brother of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph,...

Castle of Duino Castle of Duino

Duino Aurisina
  The castle, mentioned since 1363, stands on the highest point of the surrounding area as a symbol of the lords of Duino’s power. Poet Reiner...

Mitreo Cave Mitreo Cave

Duino Aurisina
On the foothills of Mount Ermada, in a natural cave a Roman sanctuary was found dedicated to the sun god Mitra and the original fittings have been...

Grotta Gigante Grotta Gigante

Sgonico - 8.28 km from Duino Aurisina
The karst phenomenon has produced not only dolines and furrowed fields, but also, and mainly, hundreds of caves, the most famous of which is Grotta...



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