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  • 45,36 sq. km
  • 36 m a.s.l.
  • 8,233
Town Hall:
  • Via RomanĂ² Antonio, 10
  • 33080 - Zoppola (PN)
  • Castions, Cusano, Murlis, Orcenico Inferiore, Orcenico Superiore, Ovoledo, Poincicco, Cevraia, San Valentino

When talking about Zoppola, the image that comes to mind is that of the Castle of Counts Panciera, dating to the 14th century, whose court is decorated with a cycle of 16th-century frescoes attributed to Amalteo. But the religious buildings in town are interesting, too, from the 18th-century church of San Martino (statues by L. De Paoli, early 1900s; Sta. Caterina’s Mystic Marriage, by Palma the Younger’s studio, 16th-17th cent.), to Sant’Andrea at Castions, with paintings by Amalteo (Pentecost, 1532; Enthroned Virgin with Child between SS. Rocco and Sebastian, 1565-69 ca.), frescoes by Pietro Gorizio in the choir (Crucifixion, Stories of SS. Peter and Andrew, Beheading of St. James, early 16th cent.) and a St. John the Baptist among Saints, a worshipper and the Holy Trinity by Antonio Carneo (1680 ca.); from Santo Stefano at Cevraia, which is part of the hamlet, with an Enthroned Virgin with Child and Saints by Calderari, to San Michele at Ovoledo (frescoes by Girolamo del Zocco, 1568-69). 16th-century paintings are also found at. Sile and Orcenico superiore, whereas the church of Sant’Ulderico at Orcenico inferiore preserves altars by G.Contiero and a Visitation attributable to N. Bambini (18th cent.). 18th-century is also the -barchessa- of Villa Panciera at Murlis, with annexed the circular-plan church of Santa Lucia.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia