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  • 18,32 sq. km
  • 43 m a.s.l.
  • 1,703
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Municipio, 5
  • 33050 - Trivignano Udinese (UD)
  • Clauiano, Melarolo, Merlana

The rural district of Clauiano, with houses by the typical architecture, with “a vista” stone walls and lowered-arch portals, is one of the best-preserved in Friuli: its beauty has justified the recent restoration of some houses. In the municipality some villas by the delightful architecture are outstanding, as Villa Manin at Clauiano and Villa Elodia Rubini Cipollato at Trivignano, apart from peculiar buildings such as the lovely “foledôr” of Villa Ariis at Clauiano or the large block of houses of the old customs. In the neighbourhoods, three old churches are respectively dedicated to S. Michele, S. Marco (with fragments of frescoes inside) and S. Martino: the precious frescoes in the latter, dating from 1482 and detached from their original location a few decades ago, are now preserved in the Civic Museums of Udine. In the parish church of Trivignano it is interesting to see the Baroque marble altars (the Altar of Relics is spectacular for its sumptuous decorations and the high quality of sculptures), the good altarpieces by Fulvio Griffoni (1658-1661), the frescoes by Domenico Molinari (1783) on the vault, by Giovanni Fantoni (1909) in the nave and by Carlo Zorzi (1938) in the presbytery. In the church of S. Giorgio at Clauiano the 16th-century baptismal font by Carlo da Carona, the high altar by Pasquale Lazzarini (1698) and the Adoration of the Magi painted by Osvaldo Gortanutti nel 1690 ca. are worthwhile. Finally, in the church of Melarolo, the altar by Gio. Batta and Adeodato Pariotti (1769) may be seen.



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