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  • 17,57 sq. km
  • 199 m a.s.l.
  • 7,304
Town Hall:
  • P. G. Ellero, 1
  • 33019 - Tricesimo (UD)
  • Adorgnano, Ara Grande, Ara Piccola, Felettano, Fraelacco, Laipacco, Leonacco

Situated, as its place name states, thirty miles from Aquileia (ad tricesimum m.p. ab urbe) on the road leading to the Noricum, Tricesimo was founded in 60 BC. The castle was built in the 13th century belonging at first to the Prampero, then Montegnacco and finally Valentinis households, and it is now a spiritual retreat. The annexed family chapel has 16th-century frescoes by Pomponio Amalteo. In the territory there are several prestigious residences, among which Villa Orgnani, surrounded by embattled walls and located in the outskirts of the rural district of Laipacco; Villa Filittini de Rubeis Masieri, now belonging to Unione Italiana Ciechi, at Luseriacco (17th century), with its harmonious façade and gabled front. The Pieve (rural church) of S. Maria was built on a design by Domenico Schiavi (1770-1789), although it was mentioned since the 1200s. The main portal by Bernardino da Bissone (1498-1505: the statues of Annunciation were put on the façade), was set on the right side:

it is considered the artist’s masterpiece for the refined carvings and the exuberant vegetal and anthropomorphic decorations. Close to the portal is an architrave carrying the famous 1477 inscription to commemorate at the same time the invasions of locusts and the Turks, when the latter, having crossed the Isonzo, devastated and burned the Friuli lands. Inside the rural church are paintings by Palma the Younger, G.B. Tosolini, Filippo Giuseppini. In the churches of S. Pelagio in Adorgnano and S. Giuseppe in Laipacco, interesting cycles of frescoes by Gian Paolo Thanner (16th century) are visible, while the church of S. Vito at Luseriacco contains an ancient holy water spout (12th cent.) and 15th-century frescoes.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia