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  • 28,82 sq. km
  • 226 m a.s.l.
  • 1,758
Town Hall:
  • Piazza XX Settembre, 33
  • 33090 - Travesio (PN)
  • Molevana, Toppo, Usago, Zancan


The choir in San Pietro Apostolo houses the most articulated cycle of frescoes by Pordenone in Friuli, who decorated the vault (St. Peter’s Assumption), side webs (Episodes from the Old Testament, putti, satyrs and vegetation) and lunettes (Stories of St. Peter) in about 1516 and the walls (right to left: Saul’s Conversion, St. Paul’s Beheading, Wedding at Cana, Adoration of the Magi), the window splays (putti, satyrs and busts of female Saints) and the apse arch intrados (SS. Rocco and Sebastian, cardinal and theological Virtues) between 1525 and 1526.

The works show the painter’s stylistic evolution who more and more adds plasticity in Michelangelo’s style to a kind of painting still linked to Venetian chromaticity. G. A. Pilacorte has left a baptismal font (1490 ca.) with classicizing floral decorations on the basin typical of the author’s production, with putti musicians on the shaft. Pilacorte also made the vestry portal (formerly on the façade), dated 1484, dominated by Annunciation and Holy Father. Above it is a Virgin with Child and SS. Sebastian, Rocco and Antonio Abate (1537) by P. Amalteo, who shows his master Pordenone’s influence in the landscape and the figure of San Rocco in the foreground. At Travesio Pilacorte’s and Amalteo’s works are found respectively in the church of Madonna del latte at Zancan (portal with Virgin of milk and cherubs’ winged heads- end of 15th century) and in the church of San Tommaso at Usago (Incredulity of St. Thomas, 1740s).



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia