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  • 85,19 sq. km
  • 366 m a.s.l.
  • 438
Town Hall:
  • Piazza S. Croce, 15
  • 33090 - Tramonti di Sotto (PN)
  • Tramonti di Mezzo, Campone, Beloz, Cleva, Faidona, Muinta, Sclaf, Sghittosa, Sialin, Tamarat, Tridis, Valent, Zanon, Palcoda, San Vincenzo

The tourist renown of Tramonti di Sotto is certainly linked more to the excursions along breathtaking paths or angling in the lake┬áRedona rather than to art, but it is certain as well that those who do not enter the parish church of Santa Maria Maggiore are missing something. Its choir, in fact, contains fragments of early 16th-century frescoes by Gian Pietro da Spilimbergo showing an artistic refinement equal to their articulate layout. The close-ribbed vault is decorated with Doctors of the Church, Angels, Evangelists’ symbols, Christ and Enthroned Virgin, Apostles and Saints. Behind the 17th-century altar (G.B. Bettini’s statues are dated 1744) is a fragment of Crucifixion, while portraits set inside circular frames decorate window splays and figures of Prophets are on the arch intrados, showing the Annunciation and Cain and Abel’s sacrifice on the front. Scantier even are the four stone Angels with candles on the balustrade (early 16th cent.) attributable to Carlo da Carona or one of his followers of Meduno’s school. The church of San Nicol├▓ at Campone contains a Virgin of the Rosary by G. Turro (18th cent.) and frescoes by G.C. Magri (1963).



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia