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  • 65,95 sq. km
  • 480 m a.s.l.
  • 1,023
Town Hall:
  • Loc. Mediis
  • 33020 - Socchieve (UD)
  • Caprizzi, Dilignìdis, Feltrone, Lungis, Mediis, Nonta, Priuso, Viaso

Socchieve is one of the oldest districts in Carnia: its name of Latin origin (sub clivo) indicates its peculiar geographic location at the foot of a terrace on which once used to stand the castle of the lords of Socchieve, who had received their property from the Aquileia Patriarch, and now the Pieve (rural church) of S. Maria Assunta in Castoja stands in its stead, boasting an imposing plated baptismal font of the 15th century, recent frescoes by Giovanni Moro from Carnia (1940) and a lovely small painting with Virgin of the Angels bought from painter Nicola Grassi in 1741. The churches in the municipality are rich in works of art, starting with the church of S. Martino in Socchieve, showing the typical architecture with entrance portico, bell gable, trussed vault and pantile roof, and containing a notable cycle of frescoes in the presbytery (1493) executed by the greatest Renaissance painter in Carnia, Gianfrancesco da Tolmezzo, the son of Odorico Daniele from Socchieve. The Fathers of the Church on the vault webs and the Nativity on the end wall are especially remarkable. Gianfrancesco is also the author of the altarpiece (his last work, 1511) with St. Martin and the poor and other holy figures. More frescoes by Gianfrancesco are visible in a “maina” (small votive chapel dedicated to the Virgin) near Nonta, while in the church of Lungis there is still visible a mutilated cycle of frescoes by Giovanni Battista da Lozzo (1554). Several carved works may be appreciated in other churches: in S. Biagio at Mediis is a wooden altar with doors by Michele Parth from Brunico (ca. 1545) with statues of Virgin with Child between SS. Biagio and Floriano in the middle and Christ resurrecting in the plinth; in the church of S. Gottardo at Dilignidis is a Virgin with Child by Domenico da Tolmezzo (1486), a monumental but graceful statue; three statues by Michele Parth are preserved in the church of Priuso, while at Feltrone the 16th-century wooden altar is attributed to Giovanni Martini. A few buildings still preserve the key features of wealthy middle-class residences: at Socchieve (Palazzo Lenna), at Mediis (Palazzo Bearzi, 18th century, and Palazzo Parussatti, 1749), while notable rural buildings are found at Dilignidis and Nonta. Finally, mention must be made of the vast forest of Mount Rest, the natural environment of roe deer, capercaillie, black grouse, golden eagles and peregrine faalcons.



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