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  • 27,95 sq. km
  • 206 m a.s.l.
  • 2,146
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Municipio, 2
  • 33090 - Sequals (PN)
  • Lestans, Solimbergo

The church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo (18th cent.) rises on a small hill and seems to watch over the town centre. It preserves inside a font by G.A. Pilacorte, dated to the year 1497, in which some putti support in a dynamic effort the basin, while his Angel and Our Lady of the Annunciation seemly face each other on the balustrade in the church of San Nicolò (1504), the latter also preserving a portal by Pilacorte. Inside the church of San Nicolò, also the marble altar with inlaid frontal (18th cent.) is noteworthy, as well as the fragments of a fresco by M. Tiussi (Martyr Saints, 1567) in the apse intrados and two paintings by G. Narvesa (St. Valentine and St. Floriano, early 17th cent.). At Lestans the church of Santa Maria Assunta has a cycle of frescoes by P. Amalteo (1535-1551) beginning with the Saints on the intrados and continuingthrough the Coronation of the Virgin, Evangelists and Fathers of the Church, Stories from the Old Testament- to the Stories of the Virgin and Jesus on the walls, finally culminating in the Resurrection, with the Saviour rising well above the painted panel frame, creating the dynamic spatial illusion through which Amalteo, following Pordenone’s example, tries to elicit the utmost involvement in the viewer. It is still at Lestans that Villa Savorgnan (whose building began in the 16th century) houses an archaeological collection including the finds of excavations in the territory, while Villa Ciani is the seat of CRAF (Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia- centre for research on photography). Villa Carnera houses instead the museum dedicated to Primo Carnera, the boxer native of Sequals who became a heavyweight world champion.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia