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  • 47,92 sq. km
  • 86 m a.s.l.
  • 4,316
Town Hall:
  • Via Richinvelda, 15
  • 33095 - San Giorgio della Richinvelda (PN)
  • Aurava, Cosa, Domanins, Pozzo, Provesano, Rauscedo

Stony grounds cultivated with vineyards (for which the grafting technique with -barbatelle- vine cuttings- is handed down and developed from generation to generation, thus making Rauscedo one of the most important nurseries in Europe), stone moulded either into sculptures (as in the stone altar by Pilacorte -1497- in the church of San Nicolò at San Giorgio, or in that by D. Casella -1531- in the church of SS. Urbano and Sabina at Pozzo, or on the St. George and dragon relief -16th cent.- above the side portal of the church of San Giorgio) or used in architecture (with the rural buildings counterbalancing Villa Spilimbergo Spanio at Domanins -15th- 18th centuries, with frescoes by G. Borsato and G.B. Canal, 1808- and Villa SpilimbergoAttimisManiago at Cosa).

At San Giorgio everything seems to be related to stone, with no exception to the rule, not even the Crucifixion frescoed by Gianfrancesco da Tolmezzo in the church of San Leonardo at Provesano, with its characters graphically engraved on plaster.

This large fresco represents the climax of an ample cycle dedicated to Christ’s Passion, in which the artists shows his adherence to Renaissance standards as they were being implemented in Padua by Mantegna, though amalgamated here with the art of northern engravers (to whom several scenes on the walls are inspired). Mention must be made also of the altarpiece by G. Narvesa (1595) in the church of San Michele Arcangelo at Domanins, of M. Grigoletti’s paintings at Rauscedo and of the early 20th-century mural painting in the church of San Nicolò (14th cent.) illustrating the vicissitudes of Beato Bertrando.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia