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  • 15,37 sq. km
  • 23 m a.s.l.
  • 3,587
Town Hall:
  • Via la Centa, 4
  • 34076 - Romans d Isonzo (GO)
  • Fratta, Versa

The Roman origin of the place, as suggested by its name, seems to be substantiated by the numerous archaeological findings. Recent excavations, which also explored a richly fitted Lombard necropolis, suggest the place was used also in early medieval times. The lovely Parish Church of S.ta Maria Annunziata was rebuilt between 1699 and 1716 preserving some parts (vestry and bell tower) of a previous medieval church. Inside, among the various works of art, it is worth mentioning the high altar, a sumptuous marble sculpture dated 1719 and the exquisite Holy Conversation, a tempera painting attributed to the Giovanni Martini school (ca. 1530). The imposing bell tower with an onion-shaped cupola, is built on the tower of the ancient ring of walls, inside which a Virgin with Child is walled, a relief by Antonio Veneziano (1467). In the town centre, Villa del Torre is an elegant 18th-century building characterized by the tall gabled central body. In the neighbourhood of Fratta, the ancient church of S. Stefano (15th century), whose façade is preceded by an atrium and dominated by a particularly tall bell gable, has in its interior large fragments of a 15th-century fresco cycle (Episodes from the Passion) executed by an unknown foreign painter. In the neighbourhood of Versa, the Parish Church of S. Andrea is very old, though restructured in the Baroque (polychrome marble high altar) and modern ages. The Church of San Rocco (Madonna Lauretana), with its exquisite late-Baroque stuccoes attributed to G. Pacassi (1682) and the rich high altar (1736), is certainly worth a visit.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia