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  • 22,42 sq. km
  • 175 m a.s.l.
  • 2,284
Town Hall:
  • P. I Maggio, 1
  • 33030 - Rive D arcano (UD)
  • Arcano Inferiore, Arcano Superiore, Giavons, Pozzalis, Raucicco, Rivotta, Rodeano Alto, Rodeano Basso

In a location from which a splendid view is enjoyed, the imposing castle of Arcano superiore is one of the best preserved in Friuli, showing historically interesting and picturesque parts and late-Romanesque double lancet windows in the keep, but embellished with 1796 frescoes by Andrea Urbani from Padua on the ground floor, portraying airy bucolic landscapes, Italian gardens, small figures of noble men and women with shepherds and peasants in the dining room. The annexed church of S. Maria della Neve now contains the 18th-century marble altar which used to be in the residence of the Arcano family at Via Aquileia in Udine. Recent archaeological surveys have revealed the historical and artistic role of the Pieve of S. Martino Vescovo: existing already in the 5th-8th centuries, today the rural church has a simple façade and bell tower, preserving inside a holy water spout by G.A. Pilacorte (dating from 1504), a 1541 font, the high altar dated 1717 and the oldest painted stone altar sculpted and signed by Carlo da Carona, from Lombardy, in 1530, with six niches housing as many statues. The parish church of S. Leonardo, preceded by a spectacular staircase built in 1932, was decorated by Ugo Brollo (1924), Antonio Della Marina and Domenico Forgiarini (1948).

Also the votive churches of S. Giorgio and S. Mauro at Arcano are worth a visit: the former has a portal by Pilacorte (1515) and altarpiece by Domenico Paghini (St. George freeing the princess from the dragon, 19th cent.), while the latter contains large fragments of medieval frescoes dating to different periods (probably 13th and 14th cent.) portraying the Last Judgement, Stories from the life of Christ, Virgin with Child, Saints, Coronation of the Virgin. Rodeano basso has, in the parish church of S. Nicolò, a portal by Carlo da Carona (ca. 1540), while the church of S. Floriano at Pozzalis contains frescoes by Carlo Boldi on the nave vault and vestry.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia