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  • 33,24 sq. km
  • 105 m a.s.l.
  • 899
Town Hall:
  • V. 24 Maggio, 19
  • 33040 - Prepotto (UD)
  • Albana, Bodigoi, Bordon, Castelmonte, Cialla, Chiazzacco, Cladrecis, Craoretto, Mezzomonte, Molino Vecchio, Novacuzzo, Oborza, Podresca, Prepotischis

Prepotto has particularly graceful examples of rural architecture as well as a rural village “a centa” (which in the Friulian dialect means “enclosed land”), with a compact nucleus of houses around the church of SS. Pietro and Paolo (15th cent.) with ribbed vault and lovely vault corbels, an elegant small wooden altar on two levels with figures of the Virgin with Child and of SS. Peter, Sebastian, Antonio Abate, Anne, and Joachim (17th-century Slovene school)

painted by Girolamo Ridolfi (1585) and Francesco Colussi (1777). In the nearby church of Spirito Santo at Albana frescoes by Bartolomeo da Skofja Loka (16th cent.) are found, while in that of S. Pietro Apostolo at Chiazzacco figures of Saints and a particular iconographic scene in which Cain and Abel appear in the Annunciation were frescoed by a popular Slovene painter of the late 15th century. In the church of Tre Re at Prepotischis a 16th-century painting with the Adoration of the Magi of Pomponio Amalteo’s school is remarkable. The Sanctuary of Madonna di Castelmonte, standing on top of a hill at 618 metres of height, is the best known in Friuli, with a charming fortified district of great urban planning interest. Its origins seem to go back to the dawn of Christianity, even though the earliest documents set it around the year 1000. Probably simply a sacellum in the beginning, and later enlarged, the sanctuary was destroyed by a terrible fire in 1469 and then by the earthquake of 1511: later on enlarged and embellished, it has not undergone great modifications since. There the much worshipped stone image of Virgin with Child, the work of a Slovene sculptor prior to 1479 (the year in which it was blessed and enthroned), is preserved and framed in the Baroque altar commissioned in 1684 to Alessandro Tremignon. A remarkable ex-voto collection is visible in the Sanctuary, among which the silver ex-voto of the town of Gemona of 1575 is outstanding.



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