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  • 22,91 sq. km
  • 18 m a.s.l.
  • 6,963
Town Hall:
  • Via Roma, 33
  • 33080 - Prata di Pordenone (PN)
  • Ghirano, Prata di Sopra, Prata di Sotto, Puja, Villanova, Borgo Passo, Le Monde, Peressine

The town of Prata has imposing religious buildings, such as the Parish Church of Santa Lucia (where a fresco of San Carlo Borromeo between SS. Antonio Abate and Floriano by G. Narvesa -1630- and frescoes of the ruined Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti are preserved) and the Church of SS. Simone and Giuda, showing an articulate choir decoration with Doctors of the Church with Angels and symbols of the Evangelists on the vault, Sante martiri on the intrados of the -arcone- and a wide Crucifixion on the end wall.The cycle of frescoes, originally complemented with scenes from Christ’s Passion on the presbytery walls (of which only a few fragments remain), show the frail, though graceful traits of Pietro Gorizio, who must have painted it at the end of the 15th or beginning of the 16th century.

It is however a simple shrine at the side of the road near the above church that offers the visitor one of the most beautiful Renaissance frescoes in Friuli, namely the Virgin with Child by Gianfrancesco da Tolmezzo (1500 ca.) which concentrates in its limited space all the Carnic painter’s confidence, combining it with a poignant sweetness in the characters’ gaze that effectively and tersely conveys the spiritual message. The Church of San Giovanni dei Cavalieri rises on the outskirts of town, noteworthy for the stone sepulchres and tombstones dating to the 14th century; particularly interesting is the tomb of Nicolò I from Villa Morosini-Memmo (end of 16th century), today the Town Hall, and Villa Brunetta (18th century) are evidence of the continuity of the manor house-style typical of Venetian architecture.



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