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  • 34,28 sq. km
  • 67 m a.s.l.
  • 6,296
Town Hall:
  • V. XX Settembre, 31
  • 33050 - Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)
  • Cargnacco, Carpeneto, Sammardenchia, Terenzano, Zugliano

Always a favourite place for settlements (as witnessed by the prehistoric settlements of Sammardenchia, the protohistoric ‘castellieri’ of Cjastiei and Culine, the Roman necropolis of Carpeneto), Pozzuolo is renown for the Genova Light Horse and the Novara Lancers charges during the First World War (30 Oct. 1917) and for the Temple dedicated to the War Dead and Missing soldiers during the Russian Campaign, built in 1955 on a design by Giacomo Della Mea: an austere building with a brick façade (reminiscent of the EUR palace in Rome), it contains mosaic decorations inside (the Alpine troops’ deeds, war prisoners, etc.) executed by the Spilimbergo Mosaic School (Scuola Mosaicisti) on Fred Pittino’s cartoons, as well as great ceramic works, decorated glasses and bas-reliefs relating to the important events of the Russian Campaign. The church of S. Andrea at Pozzuolo, built by Andrea Scala (1853), has an 18th-century high altar by Antonio Gaj with statues by Giuseppe Torretti (St. Peter) and Paolo Groppelli (St. Paul), while the parish church of S. Maria Assunta at Carpeneto has a two-level carved wooden altar painted and gilded by Domenico da Tolmezzo (early 16th cent.) coming from the church of S. Michele in the cemetery where there still remains a cycle of early 16th-century popular frescoes in the presbytery.



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