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  • 99,21 sq. km
  • 568 m a.s.l.
  • 1,768
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Garibaldi, 1
  • 33016 - Pontebba (UD)
  • Aupa, Costa, Piani, Pietratagliata, Pramollo, San Leopoldo, Studena Alta, Studena Bassa

Already inhabited in Roman times (a figured stone dating from the 2nd century AD carrying the names of local husband and wife is exhibited in the Museum of Udine), Pontebba acquired greater importance in 1342, when Patriarch Bertrand created here a public market place. The town was for centuries a border town between the Republic of Venice and the Empire at first, then between Italy and Austria from 1866 to 1918, but its hardest period was the Napoleonic one. The greatest monument in town is the parish church of S. Maria Maggiore, built in 1504 but remodelled in neo-Gothic style at the end of the 1800s by Girolamo D’Aronco. In the choir, a large, spectacular and richly decorated wooden Flügelaltar (altar with panels) of the Villach school dated 1571 makes a fine show.

The outside panels portray the Annunciation, the Visit to Elizabeth, the Flight to Egypt and Pentecost; when the door panels are open, the bas-relief scenes of Nativity, Adoration, Resurrection and Transition of the Virgin are visible. In the middle of the altar is the Coronation of the Virgin, while figures of Saints are in the predella. Other statues decorate the tall crowning with spires and pinnacles. Among other works of art, an altarpiece with S. Rocco and S. Sebastian by Palma the Younger (1616) is remarkable. The Palazzo Municipale (Town Hall), with Teatro Italia (1920) to the side, is a particularly imposing building, built in 1923 on a design by Provino Valle: the complex façade is characterized by wide arches on the ground floor and by the triple lancet window on the first floor. However, one of the oldest buildings in town is the house of Gaspero Rizzi (1606), with arches on three floors. Typical in its Carinthian outlook is the district of Pontafel.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia