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  • 69,96 sq. km
  • 602 m a.s.l.
  • 2,596
Town Hall:
  • P. XXI-XXII Luglio, 7
  • 33026 - Paluzza (UD)
  • Casteons, Cleulis, Monte Croce Carnico, Rivo, Timau

This municipality is rich in artistic and naturalistic attractions. First of all, in the 17thcentury church of S. Daniele the frescoes in the presbytery and nave are worth seeing: attributed to Angelo Schiavi (1764), they reflect a certain influence by Tiepolo, though of provincial stamp, as well as the altarpiece with St. John the Baptist by G.A. Agostini (1593). Not to be slighted is the ancient organ created by don Giacomo Sellenati from Sutrio in 1760. The church of S. Maria, restructured in 1924 incorporating the 15thcentury apse of the ancient smaller church, shows a cycle of frescoes executed in 1555 by Giuseppe Furnio, a painter from San Vito, and the exquisite wooden altarpiece of 1508-1510, carved, painted and gilded by Antonio Tironi, is one of the most magnificent in Friuli, with nine excellent statues in as many niches (three on each level) marked by finely decorated, with leaves, flames and small pinnacles to the sides

and on top. Among the paintings contained in the church the one portraying the Virgin of Carmine must be mentioned, by Matthäus Zehender (1661), rich in colour and enlivened with unusual details. Two large paintings by Domenico Straulino (1985) in the parish church of Cleulis, develop themes of great social significance, as they portray Women bearers of Carnia and the Leaving of the Emigrants. A bit north of Paluzza, on the always busy road to Monte Croce (still today some Roman inscriptions may be read on a stone along the road), dominating the Valley of But is the medieval Torre Moscarda, a sturdy

squared construction more than ten metres high. The Tempio Ossario was instead created in Timau in 1921, on a design by Giovanni Greppi, to receive the remains of the war dead (decorated with mosaics by Fred Pittino and frescoes by Giovanni Pellis). Not far from the village of Timau, the so-called Fontanon, the striking waterfall at the sources of Torrent But, runs down the rock in an environment of rare natural beauty. Pleasant excursions may be made to the forest of Val Collina, the vallone (gorge) de la Cjanevate, and the casera Pramosio, the latter reached by an easy road through the thick forest.



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