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  • 33,82 sq. km
  • 207 m a.s.l.
  • 2,817
Town Hall:
  • P. XXIX Settembre, 1
  • 33045 - Nimis (UD)
  • Cergneu, Chialminis, Monteprato, Ramandolo, Torlano, Vallemontana

Nimis has its origins in Roman times: it was the Castrum Nemas mentioned by Paolo Diacono, situated on the route connecting Cividale to the consular direct road from Aquileia to the Noricum. The Pieve of SS. Gervasio and Protasio, one of the oldest religious buildings in Friuli, dating to the mid-6th century, underwent several changes until it achieved its present-day structure in the 11th-12th centuries, that is nave and aisles divided by a strong pilaster

supporting two large full arches ending in two semi-circular apses; a large round window was opened in the remodelled fa├žade. Inside, apart from remains of the previous buildings, 12th-century frescoes in the triumphal arch and in the pilaster pendentives can be seen. Other frescoes are attributed to Titta Gori, who worked in the church on several occasions between 1897 and 1914, decorating it with characters from the Old and New Testaments, prophets and figures of Saints. In the parish church of S. Cuore there is contained the large 17th-century marble altar created by

sculptor Enrico Merengo for the church of S. Silvestro in Venice that was then purchased in 1839 by the church of S. Stefano in Centa at Nimis and – after the latter was destroyed in 1976- was moved to the parish church, where are also displayed fragments of frescoes by Gian Paolo Thanner (1534), removed from the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Pianelle and arrayed on panels. The Sanctuary, in turn, houses the much worshipped 15th-century stone statue of Virgin with Child. The small church of S. Giovanni Battista at Ramandolo contains a wooden altarpiece of two levels and six statues by Vincenzo di Bartolomeo from S. Vito (1516).

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