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  • 13,66 sq. km
  • 3 m a.s.l.
  • 13,299
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Marconi, 1
  • 34015 - Muggia (TS)

The territory of Muggia is located in the utmost southern part of the Trieste province, closed between a ring of hills formed by mounts Castellier, S. Michele and Monte d’Oro, and more than seven km of coastline, with its panoramic coastal road leading to lidos, the new marina of S. Rocco and the camping site at Lazzaretto, near the state border.

The town of Muggia, an Istrian strip on Italian land, still retains the unmistakable marks of Venetian culture: its being¬†for centuries a loyal subject of the Serenissima has left an indelible mark in the town’s dialect, gastronomy, basin or inside harbour, and in the narrow and winding streets. The Gothic-Venetian style can still be seen in many buildings and more clearly in the main square (Piazza G. Marconi): this campiello, the very heart of the town, is dominated by the Town Hall (rebuilt in 1852) and the 13thcentury cathedral consecrated to Sts. Giovanni and Paolo, with its elegant whitestone front and ample Gothic rose window. Overlooking the port is the 14th-century castle, now privately¬†owned; while the church of S. Francesco houses the 15th-century Virgin of the Milk and the 17th-century Virgin of the Belt. Above the coastal town is Muggia Vecchia, from where a splendid view of the Gulf of Trieste is enjoyed, with its Roman and medieval remains and the Romanesque Basilica of Sta. Maria Assunta, a very popular Marian sanctuary.


Rich in exquisite 9th-century reliefs in the presbytery and ambo, the sanctuary is renown mainly for its Romanesque frescoes executed by different workers in different times: 13th-century figures of saints and 14th-century episodes from the lives of Christ, the Virgin and Martyrs. Muggia is also known for its Carnival which absorbs the whole population in the preparation of floats and costumes for the allegorical parade.

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