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  • 17,80 sq. km
  • 263 m a.s.l.
  • 2,170
Town Hall:
  • V. Centa, 11
  • 33030 - Moruzzo (UD)
  • Alnicco, Brazzacco, Santa Margherita del Gruagno

The enchantment of the area is the reason why so many villas were built here: Villa Manin Antonini at Moruzzo, Villa del Torso Amodio, Villa Savorgnan di Brazzà and Villa Pirzio Biroli Brazzà at Brazzacco; Villa Ottelio Taccoli at Modotto; Villa Perabò Della Savia at Tampagnacco. The only surviving castle of the many which existed here is the castle of Moruzzo (which, however, has undergone so much remodelling that it has partly lost its original character), mentioned in documents since the 12th century. There are left only traces, instead, of the two castles of Brazzacco. S. Margherita del Gruagno preserves a charming medieval district, mentioned at first in 762 and then in Ottone’s diploma of 983. In the middle of the district the Romanesque Pieve of S. Margherita stands out, with its nave and aisles divided by strong pilasters, and 11th-century hexagonal crypt. The ancient spout probably dates from the 11th century and a stone Blessing Christ is dated 13th century, while the polychrome marble high altar is Baroque in style (Giovanni Pacassi,

1660-67) and the powerful baptismal font is dated 1546 (Benedetto degli Astori). The parish church of S. Tommaso at Moruzzo, built between 1644 and 1647 on the site of an older 12th-century building, has a lovely high altar by Giovanni de Gratij (1676), complemented with St. Thomas’s Incredulity by Udine’s painter Innocenzo Brugno (ca. 1610) and two good wooden statues by Battista Martini (St. Antonio Abate and St. James, 1543). Adjoining the rural church is a soaring bell tower with an angel-shaped weather vane on top.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia