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  • 29,99 sq. km
  • 41 m a.s.l.
  • 4,889
Town Hall:
  • P. Verdi, 32
  • 33050 - Mortegliano (UD)
  • Chiasiellis, Lavariano

The reinforced concrete bell tower adjoining the duomo has undoubtedly become the symbol of Mortegliano since its building between 1955 and 1959: perfectly visible from afar with its 113 metres of height, it is one of the most striking works by architect Pietro Zanini. The duomo of SS. Peter and Paul was built in Neo-Gothis style since 1864 by architect Andrea Scala and it contains a spectacular wooden altar, gilded and painted, executed by the painter and carver Giovanni Martini, a native to Udine, who completed it in 1526 and was paid the enormous (for the times) amount of 1180 ducats. With its about sixty statues (among which the Pietà and Transition of the Virgin sets), and more than 5 metres of height (it is the largest in Friuli), the altar must be regarded not only as the artist’s masterpiece (who however washelped here by his disciples) but also as the highest expression of Renaissance wooden sculpture. The nearby church of SS. Trinità shows early 18thcentury frescoes by Pietro Venier on the vault and Rosary Altar to the side (17th cent.) with lovely bas-reliefs, and Gian Pietro Fubiaro’s altarpiece (Coronation of the Virgin, 1643) and Pietro Bainville’s Happy Death of St. Joseph (1729). The 1527 stone altar in the church of S. Paolo at Lavariano (18th cent.) is instead Carlo da Carona’s masterpiece thanks to the medieval spirituality pervading it, the suggestive chiaroscuro interplay and the high plasticity of the statues. In the church of S. Maria Annunziata at Chiasiellis the lacquered statues of the Annunciation by Francesco Catone are preserved (1868).



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia