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  • 11,81 sq. km
  • 121 m a.s.l.
  • 1,557
Town Hall:
  • P. del Municipio 3
  • 33040 - Moimacco (UD)
  • Bottenicco

The oldest building in the municipality is certainly the recently restored small votive church of S. Giovanni Battista in Malina, at Moimacco: it dates at least from the Romanesque period, as shown by the elegant apse of squared stones and coneshaped cover. In the absidiole a cycle of 14th-century frescoes has been recently brought to light, with the Twelve Apostles in┬ániches separated by a golden frame with arches on the wall, Christ teaching in a mandorla in the conch and -in the entry arch- the Annunciation and Cain and Abel’s sacrifice. Though popular in tone, the unknown painter shows refined culture and deep knowledge of the contemporary art in Friuli. Also the picturesque and isolated church of S. Donato in Valle is worth visiting, built in the 13th century with a tall single-lancet belfry on the fa├žade and bronze panels by Guido Tavagnacco on the portal portraying scenes

from the life of S. Donato and late Romanesque frescoes (Cain and Abel) in the apse arch. The church also housed an altarpiece by Francesco Chiarottini with the Holy Family, St. Helen and two hooded figures belonging to the Confraternity of Battuti: a few years ago, the altarpiece was moved to the parish church of S. Maria Assunta at Moimacco. The beautiful villa de Puppi is set among the tall conifers of a luxurious park, with its early 17thcentury Palladian architecture, while the prestigious 17thcentury Villa de Claricini Dornpacher at Bottenicco (today housing a foundation for the enhancement of medieval studies) boasts a wonderful Italian garden, a rich portrait gallery and an annexed family chapel.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia