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  • 119,89 sq. km
  • 721 m a.s.l.
  • 1,035
Town Hall:
  • Via Municipio, 1
  • 33010 - Aiello del Friuli (UD)
  • Bagni di Lusnizza, Malborghetto, Santa Caterina, Ugovizza, Valbruna

The original name of the place (in the year 1200) was Bonborghetto, the popular corruption of Bombergetum named after the foundation of the local church by the Bishop of Bamberg; the name place was then changed to Malborghetto after the destruction by Venetian soldiers against whom inhabitants had rebelled (1368). The town fell under Venetian rule following the Gradisca Wars in 1616; back under Imperial rule in 1759, it was the background for a harsh battle between Napoleon’s and Imperial troops in 1809. Just¬†off the town, the monument to Federico Hensel (a marble pyramid with a squatting lion erected in 1847) celebrates the captain’s heroic actions who for three days defended the fort of Malborghetto from Napoleon’s army in 1809. The most prestigious building in town is the 17thcentury Palazzo Veneziano, with its notable rusticated portal over which an elegant triple lancet window opens and with an airy open gallery on the back, now housing the Ethnographic Museum. The parish church of Santa Maria has late-Gothic frescoes and lovely figured plaques (16th-17th centuries) by Austrian stone cutters. In the church of S. Gottardo at Bagni di Lusnizza, exquisite Baroque wooden altars are worthwhile, while the church of SS. Filippo and Giacomo in Ugovizza – recently deprived of its bell tower by a terrible flood – has works of art of Slav, German and Italian origins, to witness the past history of both the town and its territory.



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