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  • 8,16 sq. km
  • 169 m a.s.l.
  • 5,875
Town Hall:
  • P.Italia, 38
  • 33030 - Majano (UD)
  • Casasola, Comerzo, Farla, Pers, San Eliseo, San Salvatore, San Tommaso, Susans, Tiveriacco

A Lombard cemetery datable to the 7th century was brought to light in San Salvatore di Majano and all the finds (among which the rich funeral array of warriors) were taken to the museums of Udine and Cividale. In San Tomaso, situated along the busy road leading from Concordia Sagittaria to the Noricum, in 1199 a hospice was built with annexed chapel of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the latter chapel showing traces of 13th-century frescoes outside and a stylised portrait of St. Christopher on the right wall. Inside are a fresco of the Virgin of Mercy by Nicolò da Gemona (1348) and a Roman altar with reliefs dating to the 1st century AD used as a holy water spout. Before the earthquake, the chapel used to contain late Gothic and Baroque wooden altars painted by Giuseppe Maria Furnio (1567) and Giulio Urbanis (1580). In the nearby small church of S. Giorgio, 14th-century frescoes may be seen. Susans instead is famous for its historic impressive castle built in the 16th century in a style reminiscent of Tuscan medieval castles, with rectangular plan and squared, squat corner towers, features that are absolutely unusual in Friuli. The parish church of S. Stefano contains 18th-century altarpieces, one of which (with SS. Valentino, Apollonia and Lucia) carries the signature of the almost unknown painter Giacomo Iosio. Other interesting artistic works are found in the neighbourhoods, as a painting by Eugenio Pini (Jesus the Saviour and Saints, 1651) in the new church of Ognissanti at Mels, a lovely cycle of frescoes by Giulio Urbanis from San Daniele (1592) in the small church of S. Salvatore, and finally in the church of S. Maria Assunta at Comerzo a small but notable painted and gilded wooden statue of Virgin with Child (13th-14th centuries).

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