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  • 80,71 sq. km
  • 888 m a.s.l.
  • 732
Town Hall:
  • V. Roma, 1
  • 33020 - Forni Avoltri (UD)
  • Collina, Collinetta, Frassenetto, Piani di Luzza, Sigilletto, Temerat

This is the municipality of Friuli located furthest north, on the upper basin of Torrent Degano, and comprising in its territory also the mining area of Monte Avanza, now inactive though it was much exploited and appreciated in the past, so much so that its mines were mentioned in a 778 document through which “that village of Carnia so rich in copper and iron” was donated to the Monastery of Sesto al Reghena. Lovely examples of typical architecture may be seen both in the town and its neighbourhoods, all quite large buildings by the noble features. In the church of Frassenetto, the oldest in the municipality, built by master mason A. Ruopel fromĀ Val Pesarina, a Via Crucis of the Austrian school may be seen, dating to the mid-1600s, while a painting of 1726 with Virgin and Saints may be attributed to the Feltre painter Girolamo Turro. Set in the centre of the cemetery, the small church of S. Michele at Collina shows two 17th-century wooden altars on the end wall: the one on the right, attributed to Girolamo Comuzzo, is sumptuously carved. Today’s structure of the parish church of Forni Avoltri, erected in 1362, was designed in 1871 by architect Girolamo D’Aronco, father of the certainly more famous Raimondo. The neighbourhood of Collina, situated at 1250 above sea level and one of the highest in Friuli, is the starting point for pleasant excursions to Rifugi Tolazzi, Marinelli and Volaia and to Mount Coglians (2780 m).



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia