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  • 45,16 sq. km
  • 144 m a.s.l.
  • 8,753
Town Hall:
  • Via Aurisina Cave, 25
  • 34013 - Duino Aurisina (TS)
  • Aurisina, Ceroglie, Malchina, Medeazza, Precenico, Prepotto, San Pelagio, San Giovanni di Duino, Santa Croce, Sistiana, Slivia, Ternova piccola, Villaggio del Pescatore, Visogliano

The wide bay of Sistiana, with its lidos and a marina, is a Mediterranean marine oasis, protected by a high perpendicular limestone face. From the road fork at Sistiana the Passeggiata Naturalistica Rilke departs, a naturalist walk named in honour of poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who was a guest at Duino in 1911-12: winding on the cliff edge for 2 km, the walk offers a spectacular view, where the sweetness of the Mediterranean and the roughness of the Karst are blended. The town of Duino is overlooked by the 15thcentury castle, below which a rock dropping sheer to the sea resembles a petrified woman and is known as the White Dame. In the hinterland, the villages of Malchina, Prosecco, San Pelagio and Prepotto still show the typical Carso stone houses. Some caves are worth a mention: the Pocala (where numerous findings of Ursus Spelaeus were detected as well as the presence of middle Palaeolithic man), the Azzurra of Samatorza (Mesolithic-Roman age), and the shelter of Visogliano (Middle Palaeolithic). Not far from Aurisina, the limestone quarries have been used for more than two thousand years and still show parts of the Roman quarries. The church of S. Giovanni in Tuba (15th century, on early Christian remains) is built near the mouth of River Timavo; among the luxurious vegetation, the resurgences can be seen of three branches of River Timavo which, springing from Monte Nevoso and flowing through the town of S. Canziano in Slovenia, suddenly subsides in a pothole and reappears on the surface after 35 km of underground flow.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia