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  • 100,9 sq. km
  • 391 m a.s.l.
  • 815
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Pieroni, 1
  • 33010 - Chiusaforte (UD)
  • Casasola, Piani di Là, Piani di Val Raccolana, Raccolana, Roveredo, Saletto, Sella Nevea

The place was mentioned already in 1072 as “la scluse”, that is “the closing” on the valley of River Fella, the place where in the past the “mute” (passage customs duties) were paid; the place name Chiusaforte is more recent, dating to 1867. Of the imposing fortress once dominating the whole valley and that is visible on ancient maps, now only a few ruins remain. The parish church of S. Bartolomeo, vaguely reminiscent of the neo-Classical style, was built on a design by G.B. Bassi around the 1850s and contains some 18th-century paintings of the Venetian school as well as paintings by Lorenzo Rizzi (19th cent.) and Titta Gori (1907). The church of S. Paolo at Raccolana, too, was designed by G. B. Bassi, while the small church of S. Antonio at Casasola shows a lovely 1735 painting by Nicola Grassi portraying the Holy Family with SS. Matteo and Nicolò. More remarkable, however, are the typical houses, especially in the rural districts of Raccolana, inhabited since the 7th century AD, and of Patocco, in Val Raccolana, with partly restored buildings. Also some prestigious residences are still visible, as Casa Fontebasso in Chiusaforte (19th century) and Casa Zanier (now Amadori) in  , dating from the 17th century, with the elegant façade animated by an outstanding row of windows. Chiusaforte is the starting point for visitors going to the most famous naturalistic destinations: Sella Nevea and   (2587 m of height), the Montasio plateau, the waterfalls of Rio Repepeit and the “Fontanon di Goriuda” in Val Raccolana.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia