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  • 22,59 sq. km
  • 234 m a.s.l.
  • 895
Town Hall:
  • Via Paludea, 63
  • 33091 - Castelnovo del Friuli (PN)
  • Castelnovo è costituito da circa una quarantina tra contrade e località. Tra queste: Almadis, Celante, Costa, Franz, Graves, Madonna dello Zucco, Michei, Molevana, Mostacins, Oltrerugo, Paludea, Praforte, Vidunza, Vigna

he Municipality of Castelnovo is made of several districts nestled among the steep hills, all connected visually to the church of San Nicolò built on the top of the hill near Vigna on a design by G. D’Aronco at the end of the 19th century (modifying the bell tower of a preexisting medieval building). Inside are stone and polychrome wood statues coming from San Daniele at Collemonaco and from the old parish church, among which is a St. Daniel by Pilacorte (early 16th century). Another wooden altar by F. Pasiani from Collemonaco is found at Paludea in the church of San Carlo, together with the altar attributed to G. Riegher (early 18th cent.) containing a Virgin with Child and SS. Floriano and Biagio by O. Gortanutti (second half of 17th cent.), and the statue of San Floriano (16th cent.) on the controfacciata. Valentino Panciera, called Besarel, is the artist of the wooden Virgin on the left wall (second half of 19th cent.), while the stone Virgin with Child on the façade of a nearby building is attributable to Pilacorte’s studio (16th cent.). An altarpiece by V. Baldissera (second half of 19th cent.) is kept in the church of San Liberale at Oltrerugo.



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