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  • 20,41 sq. km
  • 44 m a.s.l.
  • 8,308
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Quattro Novembre, 23
  • 33072 - Casarsa della Delizia (GO)
  • Boscat, Centata, San Giovanni, Comunale, San Floriano, Sile, Versa, Versutta

Casarsa is nowadays renown as the place where Pier Paolo Pasolini lived his youth and the poet’s birthplace has become a centre of studies on the artist. And it is right in the places more closely linked to Pasolini’s memory, namely the hamlet of Versutta, that the oldest artistic traces in the municipality are to be found: the small church of Sant’Antonio Abate, simple and austere as the statue of the Saint himself- created by Carlo da Carona (first half of the 16th cent.) towering above the church entrance, contains mid-14th-century fresco fragments in the nave and exquisite early- Renaissance painting on the apse vault (1420-1430 ca.), in which the Evangelists particularly stand out, painted within frames and reminiscent of a fairy-tale late-Gothic dimension. Full Renaissance unfolds on the walls of the rural church of San Floriano – on the municipality border with San Vito – with Stories of San Floriano (1590) by Cristoforo Diana- and at Casarsa in the church dedicated to Santa Croce; inside, frescoes by P. Amalteo (1536) with Episodes from the Passion and Stories of the Cross are found. This church was the original location of the Mourning of Christ removed from the Cross that now appears in the parish church, the latter also boasting two paintings by Jacopo D’Andrea and wall paintings by U. Martina in the apse vault. 20th-century wall painting- by T. Donadon- and paintings by Amalteo and Moretto (end of 16th cent.) coexist in the neo-Gothic church of San Giovanni Battista, designed by D. Rupolo at the end of the 1800s.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia