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  • 41,95 sq. km
  • 57 m a.s.l.
  • 6,318
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Martiri Garibaldini, 8
  • 33070 - Caneva (PN)
  • Fiaschetti, Fratta, Sarone, Stevenà, Crosetta del Cansiglio, Gaiardin, Lama de Carpen, Malconsei, Pradego, Tambruz

Caneva is the realm of bikers, so visitors should not be surprised of seeing bikers whizzing everywhere. It may happen to meet them on top of the hill where the Church of Santa Lucia rises among the ruins of the medieval castle and preserves both frescoes (Virgin with Child and San Bernardino; SS. Bernardino and Ludovico da Tolosa; San Lorenzo by Pietro Gorizio) and a Renaissance tempera on wood (Enthroned Virgin with Child and Saints). At the foot of the hill the eclectic villa Pietranna, erected in the early 1900s on a project by D. Rupolo, and the Church of San Tommaso are worth a visit. The latter contains the fresco by G. De Min with the Fall of the Rebel Angels (1840) and the triptych on wood by Francesco da Milano portraying San Rocco between SS. Sebastiano and Nicola da Bari (1512), whose background shows some clues conducive to the painter’s interest for northern iconography. The same clues are found in his Virgin with Child among Angels and Saints in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta at Fratta, while the Massacre of the Innocents in the Church of San Marco at Stevenà reveals that a Venetian model like Tintoretto may be followed even through engraving (in this case, the early-1600s engraving by M. Sadeler). At Sarone the panoramic walk to the top of Col San Martino is worthwhile.

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