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  • 103,10 sq. km
  • 409 m a.s.l.
  • 306
Town Hall:
  • Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 5
  • 33080 - Barcis (PN)
  • Armasio, Arcola, Cimacosta, Fontane, Guata, Losie, Mighet, Molassa, Pentina, Pezzeda, Ponte Antoi, Portuz, Predaia, Ribe, Roppe, Vallata

Among the reservoirs that were created in this area in the 1950s to produce hydroelectric energy and regulate the flow of torrential streams to the plains for irrigation aims, the Lake of Barcis is probably the one that, since 1954, has better managed to integrate in the surrounding environment. The charm of Barcis mainly resides in its naturalistic side: the untouched woods surrounding the lake, with their native fauna, are ideal for different types of excursions. In particular, on the side of the lake opposite the village is Parco del Prescudin, ideal also for cycling excursions owing to the not very steep road that penetrates into the wood. Nowadays Barcis is reached from Montereale through a long tunnel, but until a few years ago the route was characterized by the numerous windings of the road (now a cycling path) that winds sheer to the orrido of Valcellina (ravine) formed by the action of torrent Cellina in the course of millennia, whose corrugated stratifications show even earlier geological devastations. Artistically speaking, apart from the church of San Giovanni (decorated with early 1900s frescoes in the apse), the territory offers several small oratories and shrines interspersed in the lush vegetation. Among civil buildings, Palazzo Centi is certainly noteworthy (17th cent.), with its lowered portico and above small loggia with round arches on the façade.

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Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia