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  • 73,61 sq. km
  • 560 m a.s.l.
  • 1,162
Town Hall:
  • P. Zona Libera 1944, 28
  • 33021 - Ampezzo (UD)
  • Oltris, Voltois

Although it was mentioned for the first time in a Lombard document dated 3 May 762, the first settlement probably dates from the Roman age. Ampezzo is the starting point for excursions to the spectacular gorge (called Sac de Coronis) of Torrent Lumiei, reaching down to 130 metres, or to Passo del Pura (Tiziana Weiss naturalist path). A typical mountain town, Ampezzo still has houses with open galleries, as the 17th-century palazzo of the Beorchia-Nigris families, the former native to Trava, the latter immigrated from Tuscany in 1420. The town has partly modified its old structure, but the neighbourhood of Voltois, on the left bank of Torrent Lumiei, has retained its picturesque houses with open galleries and wooden racks used to dry hay and weather crops. Ampezzo boasts a large, late-1700s parish church, the result of the coordinated works of three renown architects: Mario Cortenovis who designed it together with Angelo Schiavi and Giovanni Antonio Selva who built it. This accounts for the majestic façade and the complex interior, where notable paintings by Nicola Grassi are preserved, portraying Daniel in the lions’ den (among the master’s best works dating to 1725-30, rather remarkable for the excellent lay-out and the vividness of colours), the four Evangelists and Our Lady of Sorrows. Also the small church of SS. Trinità at Oltris is embellished with works by local painters, as the lovely painting by Gio. Pietro Fubiaro (17th cent.) in the high altar and a Last Supper attributed to Francesco Pellizzotti from Tolmezzo (17th cent.).



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia