Guide Friuli Venezia Giulia

Province of Trieste Province of Trieste

A long and narrow strip of land between Slovenia and the sea, projecting eastwards to Istria, the province of Trieste holds the curious record of...

Province of Gorizia Province of Gorizia

Among the smallest in Italy, Gorizia province is a unique casket of natural, historical and cultural beauty, benefiting from mild climate most of the...

Bassa Friulana Bassa Friulana

Lignano Sabbiadoro
 The name "Bassa" identifies the Friuli plains extending towards the Adriatic, beginning more or less from the so-called Stradalta (just a bit south...

The Cividale Area The Cividale Area

Cividale del Friuli
  'Cividât no je une vile, ma une ponte di citât' /Cividale is not a village but a small town, as the lines of a famous Friulian villotta rightly...

From Udine to Tagliamento River From Udine to Tagliamento River

It is not certain that the name Udine is of pre-Roman origin, as researchers support, deriving from a word meaning 'mamma' and then metaphorically...



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