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Tipical Restaurant da Nando in Mortegliano, Udine

Da Nando Hotel-Restaurant is situated in Mortegliano, a strategic zone for visiting the Friuli. It is a must for the haute cuisine lovers and now it is set in as a new profile in the  Food and Wine fvg. INFO column – a taste professionist in the Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Roberta: What I’m mostly impressed with is the use of typical products from Friuli in your refined cuisine, a sign of deep respect of its tradition, but also with a hint of innovation….is that your philosophy?

Team: This is the way we’ve always tried to work. Our products are selected accurately and we cook them respecting their own characteristics and in such a way as to preserve them all. 

R: Talking about regional products, especially of the Mortegliano area, could you describe a couple of local dishes and the way you prepare them?

LA POLENTE CUINCIADE, a polenta prepared with local cornmeal(” LA BLAVE DI MORTEAN”), served with melted Montasio cheese, smoked ricotta and salami or a special sausage called “PESTADICE”. Then, our local biscuits, the “BLAVINS”, made also with Mortegliano cornmeal and almonds, served on a plate in a radial arrangement and matched with a glass of Verduzzo or Picolit wine. 

R: A springtime sweet or savoury dish you are fond of.

The asparagus and wild herbs flan, with quail eggs and eggs and cracklings salad.

It a springtime resume: starting with the asparagus, wich is typical of this season, we also select the wild ones in order to make the dish complete, and finishing with Carnia’s herbs with their extraordinary features mixed with quail eggs.

R: At the Restaurant da Nando the Menu can be paired with a vast selection of wines from Friuli and after dinner guests have also the possibility to stay in the Hotel. What does the tasting menu offer?

 Team: The tasting menu is in fact a restaurant’s typical menu since all our proposals are strictly linked to the region and the season. If you choose a tasting menu, both meat or fish dishes, we can offer different flavours very well arranged in sequence and blended and varied among different dishes; and for a worthy conclusion, a soft and freshly made dessert!


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