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New Year’s Eve 2012
Menu Restaurant Al Bagatto in Trieste

Apetizer: Welcome to Al Bagatto; 

Marinated salmon, sour cream and red lentils; 

“A feint octopus”: medallions of monkfish, brown rice, cabbage and pomegranate; 

Homemade pasta in fish stock and cabbage; 

Risotto with pumpkin, cuttlefish and hazelnuts; 

Turbot with breadcrumbs green; 

Dessert: White chocolate, dried fruit cookies with red apple sorbet and the traditional Panettone.

New Year’s dinner Restaurant Costantini in Tarcento


Frivolities of winter;

Prawns with pasta with pumpkin mousse and kataifi;

Adria flake;

Refreshing pineapple;

Small salad with radicchio from Treviso and capon;

Ravioli with artichokes and mallard;

Fillet of beef with béarnaise sauce;

Heart of Relanghe in two consistencies;

Crafts panettone.

At 02.00 o’clock 2013: Traditional barley and bean soup with lentils and Zampone.

New Year’s dinner Restaurant Al Fungo in Gemona del Friuli

Appetizers from the buffet;

Salmon bellavista;

Octopus salad;

Shrimp Salad;

Waterfall of Prosciutto di San Daniele;

Thinly sliced ​​pork on a bed of radicchio from Treviso;

Meatballs in tomato sauce;


various canapés

Selection of cheeses with fruit;

Tagliatelle with bacon and smoked ricotta;

Puff pastry filled with radicchio and sausage;

Pieces of stewed beef
to refosco;

savoy cabbage and polenta rustica;


Basket with hazelnut ice cream in caramel sauce and amaretto.

The toast of midnight and the traditional pork sausage Zampone with lentils.

New Year’s Eve Menu 

Restaurant La Cucina Anna in Trieste

Menu of meat:

Dumplings with cheese and pears;

Crostini with Liptauer;

Basket with tartare;

Ravioli with truffle;


Fillet with green pepper and grilled radicchio from Treviso;

Sweets and coffee.

Menu of Fish:

Raw oysters;

Granzievola in bella vista;

Fish soup with croutons;

Risotto with shrimp and pumpkin;

Tagliatelle pasta with salmon and rocket;


1/2 lobster grilled with tartar sauce;

Gilded Scampi;

Spicy shrimp;

Pinzimonio of vegetables;

Sweets and coffee.




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Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia