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Welcome to the Food and Wine section of fvg.INFO: eat, drink and holidays in Friuli Venezia Giulia! Typical dishes, local produce and young producers, restaurants and taverns in the Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia: mountains and forests with lakes and rivers, the sea with sandy beaches but also rocks and cliffs offers offers variety of raw materials and products into the recipes typical regional specialties based meat and game, meats (ham and salami) and cheeses, variety of fish from the sandy or rocky bottom, lagoon, famous productions of wines and oils.

Local products and traditional dishes of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Trieste offers wines as the Terrano,Vitovska and beer, the extra virgin olive oil, coffee, honey cherry of Karst and desserts such as the Sacher cake and Presniz. Traditional dishes are cooked ham in the crust of bread with mustard and horseradish, Jota (a bean soup with Sauerkraut), stockfish polenta. The fish from the Gulf are the typical sardines from Barcola – small fish with a delicate flavor -, sea bass, sea bream, mussels, shrimps from Istria and Granzievole, cuttlefish and squid.

The Karst offers the typical products such as wines (Vitovska and Terrano), olive oils, cheeses, honey and ham. The area of the Isonzo and the city of Gorizia offer high quality red radicchio from Gorizia, wines, and desserts like Gubana and Putizza cake. At the restaurants in Gorizia you can enjoy traditional recipes such as salami with vinegar. Aquileia, Grado and Marano (rearing of sea bass and mussels) are rich of Adriatic fish, peaches and asparagus from Fiumicello. The Restaurants in Grado offer fish soup with turbot and polenta. The Friulian Dolomites and restaurants in Pordenone offer mountain cheese and feta cheese, truffle, sausages, honey, olive oil, beer and wine Barbatella.

The city of Udine with its tavernas and restaurants offers typical products like the white asparagus of Tavagnacco and recipes like Frico, crispy cheese, Brovada – white turnips marinated in red grapes – a traditional dish from Friuli and the sausage Musetto. The valleys of Natisone offer typical products like butter, salami and suppressed, honey and sweet  Gubana and little Strucchi (Struki).

The area of ​​the Lower Friuli offers tasty gourmet products like Bleve of Mortegliano (flour for polenta), cheese, white truffle of Muzzana and goose meat of Palmanova, peaches and asparagus from Fossalon and rice from Paradiso area, and yet one can not forget the nature park Stella with his eel, wines from Collio, ham and wine vinegar from Cormons

In the area of the Carnic Prealps and Alps is important to remember the little town of San Daniele. At San Daniele it is produced the famous ham (San Daniele ham festival, last week of August every year) and even trout and trout eggs. These trout are reared in the river Tagliamento. The area of Corno di Rosazzo produces wines, grappa and the famous salami Soppressa. Carnia delivers the famous Sauris ham (feast of ham Sauris every July), formadi frant (flavored crushed and aged cheeses), the mountain cheese, the ricotta, butter, mushrooms, herbs,  the mountain chicory (lidric the mont), game, honey and jams, apples and apple juice.

dishes are Frico with potatoes, polenta, Cjarcions (large ravioli) and traditional sweets. In the area of Tarvisio - where there are boundaries of Italy, Austria and Slovenia – we can find Montasio cheese, milk, cheese and ricotta, sclopit, Resia garlic, honey and cheese in grape must.

 In the cellars, wine bars and restaurants in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, you can try white wine as Friulano, Vitovska, Ribolla yellow, Verduzzo, Ramandolo, Pinot, Picolit, Terrano, Refosco, Schioppettino and the classic red wines.



Images from Friuli Venezia Giulia